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Git Question

Difference between git reset --hard HEAD^ vs git reset --hard HEAD?

What does the

git reset --hard HEAD^
do versus just
git reset --hard HEAD
Is there a difference?

Answer Source

HEAD^ is the parent commit of HEAD.

If you want to go into details, then ref^ is the shortcut for ref^1 where ref^1 is the commit's first parent (ref^2 is the commit's second parent, which may be absent if the commit is not a merge commit).

There is also ref~ which is also commit's first parent. It is also a shortcut for ref~1. But the difference between ref^2 and ref~2 is that ref~2 is commit's first parent's first parent. There can be ref~1, ref~2, ..., ref~n (if the history is long enough).

As for the git reset - it resets the current branch to the commit you specify (--hard means to discard both index and working tree changes). git reset --hard HEAD^ resets the current branch one commit backward, while git reset --hard HEAD just discards all local changes.

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