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C# Question

How can I integrate ReSharper's Dotsettings File in SonarQube?

I have a C# Project with a ReSharper Dotsettings file. I want to configure Sonar so that it uses my Dotsettings file. In my Dottsettings file i disabled many Rules. How can I integrate this file in SonarQube?

This is my file (just the ReShaper part):


I also have the same problem with StyleCop.
This is my file (just the StyleCop part):

# StyleCop

fyi: I run the SonarQube analysis with Bamboo.

Answer Source

You cannot use an existing .DotSettings file with SonarQube's R# plugin at the moment.

This feature however will be added in the upcoming release of the R# plugin, refer to for details.

Note: The re-use reports mode was already supported in the past (with the C# plugin version 2.x), but has since been removed (since 3.x).

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