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How to run a integration test in Spring with @SpringBootTest

I am trying to learn integration tests with Spring. So I am following this tutorial:


I am fase a test Class like this:

@SpringBootTest(webEnvironment = WebEnvironment.RANDOM_PORT)
public class GreetingControllerTest {

public void helloTest(){
TestRestTemplate restTemplate = new TestRestTemplate();
Hello hello = restTemplate.getForObject("http://localhost:8080/hello", Hello.class);

Assert.assertEquals(hello.getMessage(), "ola!");

But when I mvn install, I get this error:

I/O error on GET request for "http://localhost:8080/hello": Connection refused; nested exception is java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused

So... What am I doing wrong? What I need to do to make my test work?

Note: If I run mvn spring-boot:run the project works fine and I request the end point using any browser.

Answer Source

That's because of the following property in your test class:

@SpringBootTest(webEnvironment = WebEnvironment.RANDOM_PORT)

As per spring documentation, it binds the application to a random port. So, while sending the request, there's a chance that the app won't be running on port 8080 and hence, you get connection refused error.

If you want to run the app on a particular port, you need to remove webEnvironment property and annotate your class with the following:


Another approach is to get the port and add it into the url, below is the snippet to get the port:

Environment environment;

String port = environment.getProperty("local.server.port");
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