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LaTeX Question

Is there an equivalent to Latex's \endinput in Python-Sphinx

LateX and Python-Sphinx are word-processors, transforming formatted content towards a target document. The usual workflow when working with large documents is to split them in smaller files (sections, chapters) and use a specific file as a table of contents (

in most Latex projects,
in Sphinx).

In Latex, it is possible to stop the processing of a specific file by using a
command (then, the processor will move on to the next section or chapter).

I cannot find such a directive in Python-Sphinx's documentation. Does it exists? If not, is there a way to implement this behavior?

Answer Source

None that I know of. But you can do the inverse by including what you want, which would have the same effect as excluding what you don't want, by using the ifconfig Sphinx extension. You might have to indent what you want.

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