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Javascript Question

JQuery .on() method with multiple event handlers to one selector

Trying to figure out how to use the Jquery .on() method with a specific selector that has multiple events associated with it. I was previously using the .live() method, but not quite sure how to accomplish the same feat with .on(). Please see my code below:

$("table.planning_grid td").live({
//do something else.

I know I can assign the multiple events by calling:

$("table.planning_grid td").on({
mouseenter:function(){ //see above
mouseleave:function(){ //see above
click:function(){ //etc

But I believe the proper use of .on() would be like so:


Is there a way to accomplish this? Or what is the best practice here? I tried the code below, but no dice.

mouseenter: function(){ //event1 },
mouseleave: function(){ //event2 },
click: function(){ //event3 }

Thanks in advance!

Answer Source

That's the other way around. You should write:

    mouseenter: function() {
        // Handle mouseenter...
    mouseleave: function() {
        // Handle mouseleave...
    click: function() {
        // Handle click...
}, "td");
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