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Registering UserStore with SimpleInjector for AccountController / ApplicationUserManager

I have the following generic webApi2 AccountController:-

private const string LocalLoginProvider = "Local";
private ApplicationUserManager _userManager;

public AccountController(ApplicationUserManager userManager,
ISecureDataFormat<AuthenticationTicket> accessTokenFormat)
UserManager = userManager;
AccessTokenFormat = accessTokenFormat;

public ApplicationUserManager UserManager
return _userManager ?? Request.GetOwinContext().GetUserManager<ApplicationUserManager>();
private set
_userManager = value;

And the following in the IdetityConfig.cs :-

public ApplicationUserManager(IUserStore<ApplicationUser> store)
: base(store)

and I am using the following SimpleInjector to do my DI :-

public static class SimpleInjectorWebApiInitializer
/// <summary>Initialize the container and register it as Web API Dependency Resolver.</summary>
public static void Initialize()
var container = new Container();
container.Options.DefaultScopedLifestyle = new WebApiRequestLifestyle();




GlobalConfiguration.Configuration.DependencyResolver =
new SimpleInjectorWebApiDependencyResolver(container);


private static void InitializeContainer(Container container)
// For instance:
container.Register<IFileHelpers, FileHelpers>();

//container.Register<UserManager<ApplicationUser, string>>(
// () => new UserManager<ApplicationUser, string>(new UserStore<ApplicationUser>()),
// Lifestyle.Scoped);
//container.Register<IUserStore<ApplicationUser, string>>(() => (new UserStore<ApplicationUser>()),
// Lifestyle.Scoped);

container.Register<IUserStore<ApplicationUser>, UserStore<ApplicationUser>>();

However I am getting the following error :-
"For the container to be able to create
it should have only one public constructor: it has 2. See for more information."

Can anyone help me and tell me why I am getting the following error for the UserStore? Is there any other way I have to define that?

Thanks for your help and time!

Answer Source

Just change your registration to the following:

    () => new UserStore<ApplicationUser>());
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