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Bash Question

Source files in a bash script

I am using two versions of ROS next to each other. To use one I have to source some environment variables for the specific version. I would like to create a script that does this.
But if I create a script like below the variables are not set, they are probably set in a subshell. How can I source the files to the main terminal shell?

source /opt/ros/fuerte/setup.bash;
source ~/fuerte_workspace/setup.bash;

Here is how i am calling

# This does not echo anything, but I expect it should
echo $ros_config

Update: By sourcing as suggested in the answer, I can now see the variables being set.

source ./
# This works now
echo $ros_config

Answer Source

Execute Shell Script Using . ./ (dot space dot slash)

While executing the shell script using “dot space dot slash”, as shown below, it will execute the script in the current shell without forking a sub shell.

$ . ./setup.bash

In other words, this executes the commands specified in the setup.bash in the current shell, and prepares the environment for you.

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