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escape whole declaration in less css

Is it possible to escape whole declaration?
This complies fine in less.js (I'm using

margin: e(" 0 10px");

But this throws an error:

e("margin: 0 10px");

I've tried putting 'margin' in a variable but without success.

Answer Source

Sorry that's not possible. A couple things though:

The official escape designation (according to is the tilde-quote, not the e() syntax, like so:

margin: ~"0 10px";

Second, the code you provided is not nearly complex enough to warrant a LESS CSS string literal. Please share the actual code that you are having trouble with. You may want to close this question and ask another one.

Third, remember that you can include a .css file - it will not be compiled, just dumped into the output. The syntax is identical to a standard CSS import:

@import "myfile.css";
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