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How do you get the X,Y of a DevExpress TreeList node?

How do you get the X and Y coordinates of the FocusedNode in a DevExpress TreeList control?

Answer Source

This is the way I have implemented it:

/// <summary>
/// Get the position and size of a displayed node.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="node">The node to get the bounds for.</param>
/// <param name="cellIndex">The cell within the row to get the bounds for.  
/// Defaults to 0.</param>
/// <returns>Bounds if exists or empty rectangle if not.</returns>
public Rectangle GetNodeBounds(NodeBase node, int cellIndex = 0)
    // Check row reference
    RowInfo rowInfo = this.ViewInfo.RowsInfo[node];
    if (rowInfo != null)
        // Get cell info from row based on the cell index parameter provided.
        CellInfo cellInfo = this.ViewInfo.RowsInfo[node].Cells[cellIndex] as CellInfo;
        if (cellInfo != null)
            // Return the bounds of the given cell.
            return cellInfo.Bounds;
    return Rectangle.Empty;
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