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JSON Question

Mapping Json string to map or hashmap field in java

Say I have the following JSON string returned from server:


in codehaus Jackson
, how can I get a
object out of it?

import org.codehaus.jackson.annotate.JsonAnySetter;
import org.codehaus.jackson.annotate.JsonProperty;

import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.List;

public class MSShow {
@JsonProperty("imageInstances") private HashMap<String, Temp> images;//// HOW DO YOU CONVERT IT TO HASH MAP??????
@JsonAnySetter public void ignoredField(String key, Object value) { }

private class Temp {
@JsonProperty("id") private String id;
@JsonProperty("url") private String url;
@JsonAnySetter public void ignoredField(String key, Object value) { }

At the end of the day, I want the hash map generated based on the returned JSON string to be
(written in java pseudo)

should return me a Temp object with fields
if I call


should return me a Temp object with fields
if I call


Answer Source

That should work as is, with one small modification: you are using extra "response" entry. So typically you would either use a wrapper POJO like:

class Wrapper {
  public MSShow response;

to map structure properly. Or you can use UNWRAP_ROOT_VALUE Feature (from DeserializationConfig) to do this automatically, although name of the class needs to match if so.

Result will indeed be a HashMap if the field type is that (which it is). If it wasn't you could also use:


to force specific subtype to be used.

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