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Accept Only JSON Content Type In A Post or Put Request In ExpressJS

I'm working with ExpressJS framework to create REST APIs. All the APIs should accept only JSON request body for POST, PUT and PATCH type of request methods.

I'm using express.bodyParser module to parse JSON body. It works perfectly fine.

app.use(bodyParser.urlencoded({ extended: false }));

If there is any syntax error in my JSON body, my last error handler middleware is perfectly called and I can customize the response as
400 Bad Request

But, if I pass the content type anything rather than
, the body parser module parses it without error and my error handler middleware is not called in this case.

My last error handler middleware:

export default function(error, request, response, next) {
if( == 'SyntaxError') {
status: 400,
message: "Bad Request!"

What I want to do is call my last error handler middle in case of the content type is not

Answer Source

To do this you just need to you use type option from bodyparser.json configuration options

    type: function() {
        return true;

alternative could be using wildcard

    type: "*/*"
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