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Python pandas: Select columns where a specific row satisfies a condition

I have a dataframe dfall where there is a row labeled 'row1' with values 'foo' and 'bar'. I want to select only columns of dfall where 'row1' has the value 'foo'.

In other words:

dfall= pd.DataFrame([['bar','foo'],['bla','bli']], columns=['col1','col2'], index=['row1','row2'])

I want as result the column 'col2'containing:

I tried:


I get the error

IndexingError: Unalignable boolean Series key provided

Can anybody help me with the command? Thanks in advance!


You can compare your df against the scalar value, and then use any with axis=0 and pass this boolean mask to ix:

In [324]:
df.ix[:,(df == 'foo').any(axis=0)]

row1  foo
row2  bli

breaking the above down:

In [325]:
df == 'foo'

       col1   col2
row1  False   True
row2  False  False

In [326]:
(df == 'foo').any(axis=0)

col1    False
col2     True
dtype: bool