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iOS Question

HTML5 Video Volume

I'm currently working on an HTML5 video player, I have it working fully everywhere, except on the iPad.
Basically, I can control everything, except the sound, I have a

button, it works fine on Google Chrome, Firefox 3.6 and Safari on Mac OS, but on the iPad no matter what value I put in
, there is no change happening.

Did anybody get it working properly?

Here's my HTML code:

<video src="video_url" width="608" height="476" autobuffer="autobuffer" id="html5-player" preload>
Your browser doesn't support HTML5.

And here's the Javascript:

var muted = false;
if(muted) {
videoPlayer.volume = 1;
muted = false;
} else {
videoPlayer.volume = 0;
muted = true;

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