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Mixing System.Transactions with SqlTransactions

I've been brushing up on my knowledge this evening, trying to overcome 4 years of bad programming practices because of the company I was working for. One of the things I've recently stumbled on was System.Transactions. After reading about them for the last few hours, I think I have an adequate understanding of how they work and why you would want to use them. However, all the examples I've looked at are showing inline T-SQL being called from within the transaction.

I pretty much use Stored Procedures exclusively when doing database access and the existing stored procedures are all wrapped in their own SqlTransactions. You know, using 'Begin Tran' and then rolling back or committing. If a Stored Proc calls another stored proc, it too creates a transaction and the Commits bubble up until the outer one either commits or rolls back. Works great.

So now my question is, if I wanted to start using System.Transactions in my code - for the simple purposes of monitoring successive database tasks that can't be nested inside a single Stored Procedure - how does that work with the existing SqlTransactions I already have in my stored procs?

Will using System.Transactions in my code just add one more layer of protection before it is actually committed, or because I'm explicitly committing in my SqlTransaction - will the data be persisted regardless of committing or rolling back in code based transaction?

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Works just fine, if your inner transactions within the stored procs are committed everything will commit. If one of them roll back then everything within the outer transcation will roll back. Pure magic. :)

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