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Python Question

Including external binaries in python package

I have a python module that is basically a big wrapper (which does lots more stuff besides) for an external binary (non python). I would like to include the binaries (1 binary for osx, 1 for linux) along with my code. I currently have the following in my

package_data={'packagename': ['lib/app-osx/*', 'lib/app-linux/*', 'lib/*.awk']},

and the files are located at:


I can't seem to find where they are installed, if they are at all? Is there a convention for this? I obviously can't use dependencies for this :(

And then, what's the best way of finding their location within the python script?


Answer Source

With Jonathon's prompting, I went through the chat and found the solution that Lukas provided me. The solution was simply to add the following to the

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