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Laravel Multiple Pagination in one page

I'm having some trouble with my pagination.
I'm having two tables with data from a database and I paginated it with laravel Paginator.

Now my problem is when you go to, for example, page 2 it adds ?page=2 but that makes the first table go to page 2 too.

Is there anyway to get something like this ?


so you don't apply the page change on other tables.

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Unfortunately I can't test this code right now, but browsing at the docs and the code (in Illuminate/Pagination/Environment) I guess you could something like this:

# use default 'page' for this
$collection1 = Model::paginate(20);

# use custom 'other_page' for this
$collection2 = Model2::paginate(20);

The setPageName() method isn't documented in the docs, but it's a public method alongside those indicated in the documentation, so it should be working fine. FOr reference, this is the declaration (l. 171-180 in vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Pagination/Environment.php):

 * Set the input page parameter name used by the paginator.
 * @param  string  $pageName
 * @return void
public function setPageName($pageName)
    $this->pageName = $pageName;

Now take into consideration that you will have another query string appended to the url, so you need to tell the pagination to consider it. Use the appends() method:

$collection1->appends(array_except(Request::query(), 'page'))->links();

$collection2->appends(array_except(Request::query(), 'other_page'))->links();

That is, tell each Presenter to build up the url with all the query strings (the array resulting from Request::query() without the current index used by the paginator, or you'll end up with a double value). array_except() is a Laravel built in array helper that returns the given array (1st parameter) purged of the passed index (2nd parameter).

I'll try to test this code as soon as I can, but it should work. Let me know in any case!

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