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Javascript Question

Use JavaScript to convert a date string with timezone to a date object in local time

The format of my date string looks like this:

example 1:

example 2:

I need to create a date object using these date strings.

new Date()
does not work on this string.
Please help me convert these date strings into a date objects with the local timezone.

Thank you!

Edit: I am using this in Pentaho Data Integration 4.3.0.

Answer Source

You can use a library such as Moment.js to do this.

See the String + Format parsing.

The following should parse your date you provided, but you may need to modify it for your needs.

var oldDate = "2010-03-05T07:03:51-0800";

var dateObj = moment(oldDate, "YYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ssZ").toDate();

Alternatively, see Moment's String parser, which looks like it is in the format you provided, with the exception of a space between the seconds of the time and the time zone.


A second way of doing this is Date.js, another library that seems to parse the format just fine.

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