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Javascript Question

How to Enable/Disable Textbox per row in array using checkox

How to disable a textbox when checkbox is checked and enable it when checkbox has no check per row on a table in array.

Here is my code.

<td colspan="1" width=""><?php echo $item_name;?></td>
<td colspan="" width="15%" ><input type="checkbox" name="check_approved[]" value="Checked"></td>
<td colspan="" width="10%" ><input type="text" class="form-control" name="remarks[]" required></td>

Answer Source

You can easily traverse the parents to find the child without changing what you already have in your form html.


    // This will listen for changes on the checkbox
        // This will then traverse upwards to the "tr", then find from the children
        // the corresponding "remarks" input
        var remarks =   $(this).parents('tr').find('input[name=remarks\\[\\]]');
        // This enables or disables the text box

One note, I am under the assumption that your example is one of many in a table, that is why I have given a general method to solve the problem. If you only have one instance on your page, using a unique id would be a more direct approach.

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