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Accessing Property from another NSObjectClass

I am using 2 nsobject class ,

First nsobject class some property and it holds some values.
In Second NSObject class i want to access the first nsobject class properties.
I have tried little bit ,it showing null values
Here is my code
My First NSObject class

-(instancetype)initWithDictionary:(NSDictionary *)dictFieldData
if (self = [super init]) {

///set the field id
self.fieldId = [[dictFieldData objectForKey:@"f_id"]intValue];
self.display = [[dictFieldData objectForKey:@"f_display"]boolValue];
self.fieldLength = [[dictFieldData objectForKey:@"f_length"]intValue];
self.mandatory = [[dictFieldData objectForKey:@"f_mandatary"]boolValue];
self.strFieldLabel = [dictFieldData objectForKey:@"f_label"];

NSString *strFieldAttrib = [dictFieldData objectForKey:@"f_attribute"];
if ([strFieldAttrib.lowercaseString isEqualToString:@"alpha"]) {

self.fieldAttribute = FieldAttributeAlpha;
else if ([strFieldAttrib.lowercaseString isEqualToString:@"numeric"]) {

self.fieldAttribute = FieldAttributeNumeric;
else if ([strFieldAttrib.lowercaseString isEqualToString:@"alpha_numeric"]) {

self.fieldAttribute = FieldAttributeAlphaNumeric;

}return self;

****Second NSObjectClass**

-(instancetype)initWithDictionary:(NSDictionary *)dictSiteData

self.fieldData = [FieldData new];

if (self = [super init]) {

self.siteId = [[dictSiteData objectForKey:@"s_id"]intValue];

self.siteName = [dictSiteData objectForKey:@"site_name"];



return self;

Please anyone helpme to do this
Please what i am doing wrong
Thanks in Advance !!!

Answer Source

Please write this code in Appdelegate declare this property. After that SetValue your Dictionary Data

@property(strong,nonatomic)NSDictionary * dictFieldData;

Write this code My First NSObject class FieldData.M Create object in ViewdidLoad

 AppDelegate *appdelegate ((AppDelegate *)[[UIApplication sharedApplication] delegate]);

///set the field id
self.fieldId = [[appdelegate.dictFieldData SetValue:(NSString*) objectForKey:@"f_id"]intValue];

///Get the field id
self.siteId = [[appdelegate.dictSiteData Valueforkey:@"s_id"]intValue];


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