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C# Question

Get names of the params passed to a C# method

void MyMethod(string something, params object[] parameters)
foreach (object parameter in parameters)
// Get the name of each passed parameter

For example, if I call the method in the following way, I want to get the names "myFirstParam" and "anotherParam".

string myFirstParam = "some kind of text";
string anotherParam = 42;
MyMethod("test", myFirstParam, anotherParam);

Perhaps reflection is the answer? Perhaps it's just not possible? I am aware of the existance of this question, but that solution won't work here.

(Please do not respond with "This is not a good idea". That is not my question.)

Answer Source

This is totally impossible.

Here are just a few cases where it doesn't even make sense:

MyMethod("abc", new object[5]);
MyMethod("abc", "def");
MyMethod("abc", var1 + var2);
MyMethod("abc", SomeMethod());
MyMethod("abc", b ? a : c);
MyMethod("abc", new object()); 
MyMethod("abc", null);

In fact, local variable names aren't even compiled into the assembly.

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