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why identity number in ef jump to a big number?

i use entity framework 6.0 on my website .

i have a table to inserting some data and this table has identity column like ID (int) and my identity seed is equal to 1;

some time when i look at this table by SQL management studio i encounter by jumping this ID to the big number ,for example from 30 jumped to 10024.

why this happens? is it a bug or what?

i past here my sample code that i insert a data to this table by some codes like this:

using (var context = new MyModelDBEntities())
mytable mt=new mytable;""; //for example

is this codes normal? what happened to my table then, that identity number jump to a big number?

Answer Source

Could be many reasons - one could be a failed attempt to insert 9,994 records (or multiple failed attempts that total 9,994 records).

An identity column does not guarantee consecutive IDs; it guarantees unique IDs. If an insert attempt fails (or is part of a transaction that is rolled back) the ID that would have been generated is not re-used.

Another option is something inserting a specific ID after using SET IDENTITY_INSERT ON.

In any case you've got over 2 billion IDs available so a gap of 10,000 or so shouldn't be cause for alarm. If the gaps are getting bigger as time goes on then you may have a bigger problem as the gaps may be growing exponentially.

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