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Node.js Question

Failed to connect to localhost:1433 - connect ECONNREFUSED

I'm trying to connect to my local MySql server from node.js/express application using

with following config:

// Database connection
var sql = require('mssql');
var config = {
user: 'db_user',
password: 'db_pass',
server: 'localhost',
database: 'project_db'
sql.connect(config, function (err) {
if (err) {

I get this error:

{ [ConnectionError: Failed to connect to localhost:1433 - connect ECONNREFUSED]
name: 'ConnectionError',
message: 'Failed to connect to localhost:1433 - connect ECONNREFUSED',
code: 'ESOCKET' }

I know I have to enable TCP/IP connections for my local MySql server, but I can not find how to do it on OSX El Capitan. There is nothing like control panel with settings. That's all available at System Preferences > MySql:
enter image description here
Any ideas how to fix this, guys? Thanks for trying to help.


mssql and mysql are two very different things... You should use the node-mysql or some other mysql client library if you are going to be running mysql on your dev machine

var mysql      = require('mysql');
var connection = mysql.createConnection({
  host     : 'localhost',
  user     : 'me',
  password : 'secret',
  database : 'my_db'


connection.query('SELECT 1 + 1 AS solution', function(err, rows, fields) {
  if (err) throw err;

  console.log('The solution is: ', rows[0].solution);