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Setting png++ to work

I am trying to compile some basic example of loading/writing a .png image using png++ (which is a c++ wrapper for libpng. It is quite important for me to use png++ and not an alternative.
As prerequisites png++ needs both libpng which I have successfully built.

the example that i am trying to figure out how to set is located at the following link.
it ships with a cmakelist and I am using Cmake to build the two examples.

however when I build this I get the following error : "Byte-order could not be detected." which comes from config.hpp

thank you very much

Answer Source

I think, libpng++ incorrect defines a WIN32 platform.

You can try to replace #elif defined(__WIN32) to #elif defined(WIN32) in config.hpp file.

P.S. I do not have libpng++ installed right now, so I may be wrong.

P.S.S. And it's only suitable for Windows, ofc.

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