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Java Question

Need help getting percent of a number

Basically in this website you can get credits and buy stuff with them. If you keep the credits in your bank, you get 0.12% added daily:

Picture to understand this.

I wanted to code a quick program to calculate this but I need help, here's my code:

import java.util.Scanner;

public class project {
public static void main(String[] args){
Scanner input = new Scanner(;

System.out.println("| NextGenUpdate Credits |");
System.out.println("Credits: ");
double credits = input.nextDouble();
System.out.println("Days: ");
int days = input.nextInt();


System.out.println("You will have have " + total + " credits in " + days + " days.");


Answer Source

I guess that you need to calculate the total credits after days days. For this, I would suggest total to be of double type, since it will most probably have floating point values.

You can do:

double total = credits * Math.pow((1+ 0.12/100d), days);

The formula for compounding is :

A = P ( 1 + R/100)^n

Thus, your R is 0.12, P is credits, and n is days.

But since you want to use int, hence the value after decimal will be lost.

eg: 12.98 will give 12.

So, Instead, you can round off the value. You may use:

int total = (int)Math.rint(credits * Math.pow((1+ 0.12/100d), days));
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