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Twig Question

How do I access the _context variable within a macro in TWIG?

I'm trying to access one of my twig variables in a macro. I know I can't do this directly.

as with PHP functions, macros don't have access to the current template variables

but the same page state:

You can pass the whole context as an argument by using the special _context variable.

What's the syntax for passing _context to the macro, and for accessing it within the macro?


Answer Source

Consider the following example:

1) Create a variable in the current context

{% set x = 42 %}

2) Declare a macro that takes an object as parameter

{% macro test(variables) %}
   variable x = {{ variables.x | default('undefined') }}
{% endmacro %}

3) Call your macro, with the special _context object

{{ _self.test(_context) }}

This will display:

variable x = 42

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