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How do I connect to my existing git repo using Visual Studio Code

I've been using Visual Studio code for a long time v0.9.1. I now have run into the need to use github and an online git repo. I have the online git repo set up and have ben pushing changing to the online repo using GitHub. I have recently come to realize i can save myself a step with using VS code to do both, to edit my code, then send it up to the online repo.

I am very new to the whole git concept VS code had me install "GIT" plugin which installed GIT Bash, GIT CMD, and GIT GUI.

This is the online repo URL im trying to get to
VS Code GITPlugin VS Code had my install

Answer Source

Use the GIT GUI in the GIT Plugin.

Clone your online repo Online Repository with the URL which you have.

After cloning make changes to the files. When you make changes, you can see the number changes. Commit those changes.

Fetch from the Remote (to check if anything is updated while you are working).

If the Fetch operation give you an update about the changes in the remote repository, make a pull operation which will update you copy in the Visual Studio. Else don't make a Pull operation if there are no changes in the remote repo.

Push you changes to the upstream remote repository by making a Push operation.

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