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Pascal Question

Usage of pascal variant record

I need help from those who know the pascal very well.

I need (teachers requirement) to use a variant record. Those variant record are defined like this:

Temperature = record
case scale : TemperatureScale of
celsius : (celsius_value : ScaleCelsius);
kelvin : (kelvin_value : ScaleKelvin);

According to primary sources I found during my research about this topic, I could not find how to use variant record, only how to declare it.

My primary sources: google search(found nothing), Case-Freepascal and Record-Freepascal

Edit for those who wonder what i must use in implementation it is exacly this:

UkPolozka = ^Polozka;
UkHodnota = ^Hodnota;
TypUdaj=(typretez, typcele, typrealne, typlogik, typpole, typobjekt);

VarZaznam = record
case Udaj: TypUdaj of
typretez: (retez: string);
typcele: (cele: word);
typrealne: (realne: single);
typlogik: (logik: boolean);
typpole: (pole: UkHodnota);
typobjekt: (objekt: UkPolozka);

Polozka = record
Nazev: string;
Hodn: VarZaznam;
Dalsi: UkPolozka
Hodnota = record
Hodn: VarZaznam;
Dalsi: UkHodnota

Answer Source

Consider example record from Delphi Help. I modified it with tag.

Tag usage is optional and usually is not used and doesn't provide useful information.
Note that the first line outputs radius with the same value as height - they share the same memory.

Then I explicitly set tag (but fields stay the same)

Also note size difference for no-tag record and tagged one.

Note again - in most cases programmers don't define or use tag value. It might be unsafe to rely on tag (until you follow strict rules in assigning tags). I did not set rectangle tag, but program consider zero tag as the first variant.

Just assign needed field by name. Just read needed field by name. For your example varVarZaznam.retez:= 'test';

   TShapeList = (Rectangle, Triangle, Circle, Ellipse, Other);
   TFigure = record
     case shape: TShapeList of
       Rectangle: (Height, Width: Real);
       Triangle: (Side1, Side2, Angle: Real);
       Circle: (Radius: Real);
       Ellipse, Other: ();

   TFigureNoTag = record
     case TShapeList of
       Rectangle: (Height, Width: Real);
       Triangle: (Side1, Side2, Angle: Real);
       Circle: (Radius: Real);
       Ellipse, Other: ();

   Fig: TFigure;
  Fig.Height := 5;
  Fig.Width := 3;
  //default tag is zero = Rectangle
  if Fig.shape = Rectangle then
    Writeln('Rect ', Fig.Height:3:0, Fig.Width:3:0, Fig.Radius:3:0)
    Writeln('not Rect');

  Fig.shape := Circle;
  if Fig.shape <> Rectangle then
    Writeln('not Rect');

  Writeln('Fig size ', SizeOf(TFigure), ' noTag size ', SizeOf(TFigureNoTag));

output in Delphi:

Rect   5  3  5
not Rect
Fig size 32 noTag size 24
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