SQL Question

SQL return 1 row in results for each column in table

Admittedly I'm not good with pivot/unpivot, but it seems like that relates to a more direct "transpose" than what I'm looking for.
What I need to do is create a results set with 1 row for each of a set of columns in a table.

Quarters Table:

USER Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
USER1 1 5 3 3
USER2 2 1 1 8

Desired Results:

USER1 Q1 1
USER1 Q2 5
USER1 Q3 3
USER2 Q4 3
USER2 Q1 2
USER2 Q2 1
USER2 Q3 1
USER2 Q4 1

Answer Source

Using UNPIVOT the query becomes even simpler. with UNPIVOT the query would look something like....

Select Users 
     , Q 
     , V
FROM TableName
            V FOR Q IN (Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4)
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