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wordpress secondary database

I code some, but just started helping my church with wordpress, which I am new at. I just couldn't log on, so I looked in a database on godaddy's myPhpAdmin and tried to update the password using md5. (I didn't back-up the database, and now I'm paying for it)

This caused an error so it wouldn't even bring up the login screen, and gave me a screen saying that the program couldn't connect with the database I edited. The thing is, the db that I edited is not the one associated with the wp-config.php, so I can't just try to fix it there, at least not by just changing the password there.

I'm pretty green in this environment, and scared. What should I do next?

Kai Kai
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Okay, so I figured it out! Essentially, there were more than one databases linked with this website, however THEY WERE EACH TO DIFFERENT URL EXTENTIONS like /tccnewsite and /wordpress. I found this out in the wp_options part of each table.
Also, there were two kinds of passwords: User Passwords, and Database Passwords. User passwords were changed in the table. Database passwords were changed in goDaddy. Lastly, I had to search through all of my wordpress files (in godaddy's file manager) to find the DIFFERENT wp-config.php files for each sub-domain of the site. Then I could match the Database Password (set in godaddy, not in the database itself) to the password in each wp-config.php.

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