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Node.js Question

NodeJs require('../file.js') issues

i am trying to build a nodeJs app with express, sequelize and and sqlite. So in my root directory i have a routers directory where i store
'.js' files of express's routers. And again in root directory i have a 'db.js' file.
The problem is, when i try to require "db.js" file from the routers folder's '.js' files. it says

Error: Cannot find module 'db.js'

I'm using require as in the example below

db = require('../db.js');

Can someone help me find my mistake? Thanks alot

Answer Source

Your current directory isn't what you think it is, so "../" is failing to go where you think it should. Try something like this:

db = require('path').join(__dirname,'../db.js')

Here is the info on __dirname and path.

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