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Ruby select method in Has Many Through Association

Can you explain What the following method does and how it works? I have tried to understand it researching for several hours, but I couldn't figure it out yet.

def self.tag_counts", count(taggings.tag_id) as count").joins(:taggings).group("taggings.tag_id")

What I understand is the ruby method 'select' usually takes a block, not like the one used in this method. The self.tag_counts method is in the event model of my application as follows.


class Event < ActiveRecord::Base
extend FriendlyId
friendly_id :title, use: :slugged

belongs_to :organizers, class_name: "User"
has_many :taggings
has_many :tags, through: :taggings

def all_tags",")

def all_tags=(names)
self.tags = names.split(",").map do |n|
Tag.where(name: n.strip).first_or_create!

def self.tagged_with(name)

def self.tag_counts", count(taggings.tag_id) as count").joins(:taggings).group("taggings.tag_id")


class Tag < ActiveRecord::Base
has_many :taggings
has_many :events, through: :taggings


class Tagging < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :tag
belongs_to :event

Answer Source

This is an ActiveRecord query of the database. It's returning the list of tags with name and number of taggings. It looks like the input data for a tag cloud or a tag leaderboard.

This will produce something like the following SQL statement:

   SELECT, count(taggings.tag_id) as count
     FROM tags
LEFT JOIN taggings ON = taggings.tag_id
 GROUP BY taggings.tag_id

When you think of the Ruby select method, you may be thinking of the Array#select method, which is essentially a filter for arrays. The ActiveRecord select method is a database query refinement tool. You can read more about it in the Active Record Query Interface guide in the Selecting Specific Fields section.

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