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InputMethodService and Detect Volume KeyEvents from this service

I have one activity and one InputMethodService. The activity UI have two buttons that start and stop this Service. Then, I get out of my app while Service is still running.

I want this service to respond to Volume Buttons. I don't want to effect System/Other Processes associated with Volume Buttons. So, If i press Volume_Up key, System must be increasing volume as it does, and trigger my Service.

For now, I am just showing Toasts on these triggers. Have a look at what i have tried so far by extending InputMethodService:

public boolean onKeyDown(int keyCode, KeyEvent keyEvent){
Toast.makeText(this, "Volume Down", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show(); break;
Toast.makeText(this, "Volume Up", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show(); break;
Toast.makeText(this, keyCode, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

return false;

But, this doesn't do anything besides changing System Volume. My Service is running for sure, i can see it in running services.

Answer Source

I had wrong impression about InputMethodService. It can't listen to Volume Buttons. The only way i was able to perform this was using a BroadcastReceiver. This receiver listens to an undocumented and risky broadcast of This broadcast is fired when background music is playing, and you control it from a locked screen. So, in order to listen to Volume Buttons, you can register a receiver who listens to mentioned broadcast And start a service which uses MediaPlayer to play a sound with Zero volume. Whenever volume button is pressed, receiver will receive the broadcast.

MediaPlayer mediaPlayer = MediaPlayer.create(context, R.raw.sound);
mediaPlayer.setVolume(0, 0);

and register receiver like:

        <action android:name="" />

Beware: this method is very experimental.

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