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iOS Question

Could not launch process launch failed: timed out waiting for app to launch

I am trying to launch my app on device. It is launching successfully on the simulator.

  • List item

  • I use 7.1 SDK

  • Xcode 5

  • And the device is a 7.1 iPhone 4S

I have tried:

  • Clean

  • Clean Build Folder

  • Deleting app

  • Disconnecting/Reconnecting device

  • Booting device

  • restarting Xcode

What can I do to make it work?

Could it be something with Code Signing?

Currently i have it set to 'Dont Code Sign'

Answer Source

I had this problem when I used a Distribution certificate instead of Developer one when running the app from Xcode. You may check it out your target --> Build Settings --> Code signing.

As @AndyDynn pointed out in his comment: Make sure you do this on the "Target" build settings and not just the "Project" build settings.

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