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Simple Nested handlebar foeach doesnt work

This is in node.

app.get('/payees', function(req, res)
var categoriesPromise = Category.getAllCategories();
var payeesWhereNullPromise = categoriesPromise.then(function() {
return Payee.getAllPayeesWhere({categoryId:null})
payeesWhereNullPromise.then(function(payees) {
var categories = categoriesPromise.value();
res.render('payees', {categories: categories, subcategories: [], payees:payees});

This is in the front end

{{#each payees as |payee|}}
{{#each categories as |category|}}

If I do them seperately they work perfectly but the moment I place them inside each other nothing happens.

Answer Source

You can only access the properties of the array you're looping through within #each. With the nested foreach in your example you have the problem that Handlebars tries to find categories as object property in the payees array. But in your case categories is a global variable and therefore won't be found.

But you can do what you want with a Handlebars helper function.

EDIT: Here an example of using a handlebar helper function.


 {{#list categories payees}}{{/list}}

Node server code:

var hbs = require('hbs');
hbs.registerHelper('list', function(categories, payees, options) {
   var out = "";
   // Here you can use standard JavaScript to do whatever you want.
   // Also nested loops are possible.
   // Put the wished HTML into the out variable and it will get rendered 
   // in your template.
   for (var i = 0; i < categories.length; i++) {
      out += "<div>"+categories[i]+"</div>";
      for (var j = 0; j < payees.length; j++) {
      // and so on
   return out;

Documentations: https://github.com/pillarjs/hbs http://handlebarsjs.com/

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