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Trying to display NEO4J data in a html page through json

I wanted to display the nodes present in the Neo4j graph data-base.
And I have used alchemy.min.js and achemy.min.css through cdn of But it shows a blank page and in the console it shows an error. Here output:

enter image description here

Here html:

enter image description here

Please help me solve this error.And suggest me if there is a better way of displaying the nodes of neo4j and its relationships.Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

If you look at the error in the console it shows an unexpected token of '<' i.e. left angle bracket.

This is a common error when your resource is an html file instead of a js or css file (in this case it should be a js file.) Try changing your link and finding the file elsewhere as your js cdn file leads to a squatter site right now. You can check by clicking that.

When you check the link of your cdn it should display a "plain text" page black on white kind of deal.


Try this cdn link instead:

You can see the rest of them here

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