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How to type command to running process in Python?

I want to control running process/program by script in Python.
I have a program linphonec (You can install: apt-get install linphonec).
My task is:
1. Run linphonec (I'm using subprocess at the moment)
2. When linphonec is running it has a many command to control this and I want to e.g use "proxy list" <- this is command in linphonec.

Simple flow:

test@ubuntu$ > linphonec
linphonec > proxy list

How can I do this?

Answer Source

There are actually 2 ways to communicate:

Run your program with myprogram.py | linphonec to pass everything you print to linphonec

Use subprocess.Popen with subprocess.PIPE in constructor via keywrod-args for stdin (propably stdout and stderr, too) and then communicate for a single command or use stdin and stdout (stderr) as files

import subprocess
    universal_newlines=True) #this is for text communication
p.stdin.write("proxy list\n")
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