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BootStrap remove offset when width < 1680

I have element that I want to col-lg-offset-2 if Browser width > 1681,

and I want to remove that offset in Browser width < 1680.

I have this problem because the only col I can use is "LG" Because of the resulotion is higher than 1170px.

Here is the link to the site, as you can see if you resize the browser all the navbar is going down.

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I suggest you to use media query for that and don't use offset concept because offset can not work in your case.
just use the below solution. This media query is work for only Browser width > 1680.

@media (min-width: 1680px){ 
        margin-left: 16.6666%;

col-lg-offset-2 make the margin-left:16.6666% so you can use your custom class with same margin-left in media query.