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jQuery Question

jquery toggle slide from left to right and back

I have a "Menu" button on the left hand side of the page and once selected I have a div containing the menu items show. I then have another button that can be selected to hide the menu.

Ideally I want this to slide out (from left to right) and back but have been unsuccessful in getting this working well. I have tried using animate and SlideToggle but none work well for what I have. Any tips?

<div id="cat_icon">Menu</div>
<div id="categories">
<div CLASS="panel_title">Menu</div>
<div CLASS="panel_item">
<template:UserControl id="ucCategories" src="UserControls/ProductCategories.ascx" />

$('#cat_icon').click(function () {
$('.panel_title').click(function () {

Answer Source

See this: Demo

$('#cat_icon,.panel_title').click(function () {

Update : To slide from left to right: Demo2

Note: Second one uses jquery-ui also

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