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Objective-C Question

NSMutable Dictionary adding objects

Is there a more efficient way to add objects to an NSMutable Dictionary than simple iteration?


// Create the dictionary

NSMutableDictionary *myMutableDictionary = [NSMutableDictionary dictionary];

// Add the entries

[myMutableDictionary setObject:@"Stack Overflow" forKey:@""];
[myMutableDictionary setObject:@"SlashDotOrg" forKey:@""];
[myMutableDictionary setObject:@"Oracle" forKey:@""];

Just curious, I'm sure that this is the way it has to be done.

Answer Source

If you have all the objects and keys beforehand you can initialize it using NSDictionary's:


Of course this will give you immutable dictionary not mutable. It depends on your usage which one you need, you can get a mutable copy from NSDictionary but it seems easier just to use your original code in that case:

NSDictionary * dic = [NSDictionary dictionaryWith....];
NSMutableDictionary * md = [dic mutableCopy];
... use md ...
[md release];
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