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Apache Configuration Question

Stop password prompt on MAMP startup

I develop using MAMP pro on my Mac. When I start MAMP it prompts me for a password if I use port 80. If I use a higher port it doesn't prompt me, but I have to append the port number in the URL ( eg dev.local:8888 ).
Does anyone know how to make it not prompt for password when using standard ports?
Thank you.

Answer Source

According to a living-e rep they are considering adding an option to store the password in the keychain:

Update: I pestered Living-e support and got them to add it as a feature request to their bug tracker. The link is here: (requires registration) if you want to follow it.

Another update: Still following this issue. Looks like living-e moved their bug tracker, the new link to this issue is:

It's in German but the Google translation is:

When will start and stop the server in each case the admin password is required if port is used as low-1024th If we could get the password from the OS X Keychain / keyring, allowed themselves to avoid annoying popup ads.

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