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iOS Question

How to load a UIColor from a Plist

Regarding saving the UIColor in a Plist:
I have tried different ways but not been able to do so, I want to save and retrieve the color values in a plist file.

I can not extract the data value of the color using nslog and save it in the plist.

Is there any other way to do so?

Answer Source

I prefer using string to store the color. The parsing code that does this shown below (cut out from https://github.com/xslim/TKThemeManager/blob/master/TKThemeManager.m#L162)

+ (UIColor *)colorFromString:(NSString *)hexString {    
    NSScanner *scanner = [NSScanner scannerWithString:hexString];
    unsigned hex;
    BOOL success = [scanner scanHexInt:&hex];

    if (!success) return nil;
    if ([hexString length] <= 6) {
        return UIColorFromRGB(hex);
    } else {
        unsigned color = (hex & 0xFFFFFF00) >> 8;
        CGFloat alpha = 1.0 * (hex & 0xFF) / 255.0;
        return UIColorFromRGBA(color, alpha);
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