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Back button does not show up in navigation controller

I have added a show segue from table cell in one view controller to another table view embedded in a navigation controller. When I click on the cell in the first view the segue works as expected and brings up the new view. However, the "Back" button (with the title of the original view) does not appear in the navigation bar.

I searched SO and found a number of such questions asked in the past (both for Swift and Objective-C). Most of them suggest that the first view needs a title for this to work. I do have a title. I even added one programmatically, just in case. That did not help. One of the answers suggested to add an identifier to the segue; that didn't help me either.

How else can I debug this issue?

xcode windowmain windowdetail window

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It seems like the problem is that you are pushing into a totally new navigationController, remove it, and make segue dirrectly into the new view Detail itself, they have to be in the same navigationController to work

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