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JSON Question

KeyError on python script

I have this script to delete files from my slack account:

import requests
import json
import calendar
import re
from datetime import datetime, timedelta

_token = re.escape("token")
_domain = re.escape("domain")

if __name__ == '__main__':
while 1:
files_list_url = 'https://slack.com/api/files.list'
date = str(calendar.timegm((datetime.now() + timedelta(-30))
data = {"token": _token, "ts_to": date}
response = requests.post(files_list_url, data = data)

if len(response.json()["files"]) == 0:
for f in response.json()["files"]:
print "Deleting file " + f["name"] + "..."
timestamp = str(calendar.timegm(datetime.now().utctimetuple()))
delete_url = "https://" + _domain + ".slack.com/api/files.delete?t=" + timestamp
requests.post(delete_url, data = {
"token": _token,
"file": f["id"],
"set_active": "true",
"_attempts": "1"})
print "DONE!"

Im getting this error:

File "main.py", line 28, in
files = json.loads(content)["files"] KeyError: 'files'

Am i missing something?

Answer Source

You're expecting that json.loads() will return a dict that will have a key named files. But in reality, the parsed data doesn't have that key.

You can do these instead:

payload = json.loads(content)
files = payload.get('files')

This way files will either contain the actual files as in the JSON payload. If the files key does not exist, it will return None.

You can also pass a value to the get method to set the default value if the key is not found, like these:

files = payload.get('files', [])

This way files will be an empty list if the files key doesn't exist.

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