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Android adb not found

When I run my android app from eclipse, I get this error.

Unexpected exception 'Cannot run program "/home/antz/Development/adt-bundle-linux/sdk/platform-tools/adb": error=2 No such file or directory' while attempting to get adb version from /home/antz/Development/adt-bundle-linux/sdk/platform-tools/adb


[2012-11-26 13:43:08 - adb] Unexpected exception 'Cannot run program "/home/antz/Development/adt-bundle-linux/sdk/platform-tools/adb": error=2, No such file or directory' while attempting to get adb version from '/home/antz/Development/adt-bundle-linux/sdk/platform-tools/adb'

However my adb is exactly in the location where it says it's not.

What is wrong and how do I fix this?

I cd into the directory where adb is (
) and I typed in adb and it says

antz@antz-90X3A:~/Development/adt-bundle-linux/sdk/platform-tools$ ls
aapt aidl dexdump fastboot llvm-rs-cc renderscript
adb api dx lib NOTICE.txt source.properties
antz@antz-90X3A:~/Development/adt-bundle-linux/sdk/platform-tools$ adb
bash: /home/antz/Development/adt-bundle-linux/sdk/platform-tools/adb: No such file or directory

adb is green which means its an executable, correct?

for example, dx is also green and when I typed in dx into the command prompt, it works... whats wrong with adb?

Answer Source

On Linux you need to install IA32 library Because Linux 64-bit ADT bundle comes with a 32 Bit adb under adt-bundle-linux/sdk/platform-tools/adb ... This is also a problem under other distributions, e.g. Fedora 17

Try this: sudo apt-get install libc6-i386 lib32stdc++6 lib32gcc1 lib32ncurses5

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