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TypeScript Question

Webpack resolve.root and TypeScript loader

Our project is using the webpack

option to import modules with absolute paths. (avoiding something like

In its current state the project is using babel-loader which works perfectly fine.

My task is to migrate the app to Angular 2.

Therefor I am currently in the process of transitioning to TypeScript.

Somehow it seems like the ts-loader does not work in combination with the
option of the webpack config.

Example of the webpack.config.js

resolve: {
root: [

Example of a module import

import AbstractListState from 'states/abstract_list_state';

directory is inside the

Error when executing

ERROR in ./app/mainViews/panel/panel.controller.ts
Module not found: Error: Cannot resolve module 'states/abstract_list_state' in C:\Users\...\Project\app\mainViews\panel
@ ./app/mainViews/panel/panel.controller.ts 4:28-65

Answer Source

Pre version 2.0 TypeScript will try to load modules with an absolute path from the node_modules directory. This is because TypeScript's module resultion is per default set to "node". Which means it works like node's require method. So, even if you're using webpack to build your app, TypeScript (and its compiler) will still want to load the files.

In order to let webpack import your modules with absolute path you have to go back and use the require method. This way TypeScript will let webpack import stuff. But of course you will not get any type-inference, autocomplete, ...

Or, you update to the TypeScript 2.0 beta and give this a try:

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