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Javascript Question

Find and replace text in label jquery

I've label for ex. :

<label id="labelId" class="control-label col-lg-4">Some text ()</label>
, how can i insert text in the middle of brakets and after clear it?

I've tried :

$('#labelId').replace("()", "(new)");

But that is not work for me

Answer Source

You've to get the text using text() replace it using replace() then set the replaced text back to the label.

jQuery solution :

var label_text = $('#labelId').text(); //Get the text
$('#labelId').text( label_text.replace("()", "(new)") ); //Replace and set the text back

Pure js solution :

var label_text = document.getElementById('labelId').innerText; //Get the text
document.getElementById('labelId').innerText = label_text.replace("()", "(new)"); //Replace and set the text back

Hope this helps.

  var label_text = $('#labelId').text();

  $('#labelId').text( label_text.replace("()", "(new)") );
<script src=""></script>
<label id="labelId" class="control-label col-lg-4">Some text ()</label>

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