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Column data substring matching with Jackcess

In my Access db table, I have a

column which contains a string. For example:

Check in the packet TM(12,9) MRSS0319 'Monitoring List Report'.

I also have a
with items such as
, etc. What I'm looking to do is perform a substring match between my
and the table column, but I can't quite figure out how as the examples provided with Jackcess is rather simple. An example I found here shows:

Column col = table.getColumn("town");
while(cursor.moveToNextRow()) {
if(cursor.currentRowMatches(columnPattern, valuePattern)) {
// handle matching row here

Where the method
cursor.currentRowMatches(columnPattern, valuePattern)
looks like it could be useful. However according to the documentation it seems that the method only performs string equality matching, so now I'm sort of at a dead end.

Appreciate your help.

Answer Source

Certainly you could create a little method to check the cmt_data value for a match:

public static void main(String[] args) {
    String dbPath = "C:/Users/Public/JackcessTest.accdb";
    try (Database db = DatabaseBuilder.open(new File(dbPath))) {
        Table table = db.getTable("cmt_table");
        Cursor cursor = table.getDefaultCursor();
        while (cursor.moveToNextRow()) {
            Row row = cursor.getCurrentRow();
            if (stringContainsSpecialValue(row.getString("cmt_data"))) {
                // handle matching row here
    } catch (Exception e) {

private static boolean stringContainsSpecialValue(String str) {
    boolean rtn = false;
    List<String> specialValues = Arrays.asList("MRSS0319", "TRPP3006");
    for (String val : specialValues) {
        if (str.contains(val)) {
            rtn = true;
    return rtn;

You could probably also create a custom ColumnMatcher for your cursor, but that might be overkill.

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