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Eclipse Markdown Plugin - How to open Markdown HTML Preview when double clicking a .md file?

I just installed the Markdown plugin for Eclipse. I'd like to have it so that if I double click a .md file, it will open the markdown HTML preview view, or at a minimum be able to right click and view in Markdown HTML Preview.

Is there anyway to do this?

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Perhaps this is not exactly what you've asked for, but if you open the Markdown HTML Preview view and leave it open, it will automatically change to whatever .MD file you are actually editing. So, just leave that View open and it will perform as you want. You can then save your Perspective to keep that preference (Eclipse does that for you anyway).

More, if you're working with GitHub Flavoured Markdown you'll want to check the GitHub Flavored Markdown viewer plugin, which actually works with the Markdown plugin, but does the rendering as you can see in GitHub. In this case, you'll actually have what you're looking for: if you right click any .MD file under your project explorer, there is an option to Show in GFM View, which will open that view in case it is not open already.

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