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Git Question

Can I get git to tell me all the files one user has modified?

I would like git to give me a list of all the files modified by one user, across all commits.

My particular use case is that I've been involved in the i18n of a ruby on rails project, and we want to know what files have already been done and what files still need to be done. The users in question have only done work on the i18n, not on the rest of the code base. So the information should all be in git, but I'm not sure how to get it out.

Answer Source

This isn't the only way, but it works:

git log --pretty="%H" --author="authorname" |
    while read commit_hash
        git show --oneline --name-only $commit_hash | tail -n+2
    done | sort | uniq

Or, as one line:

git log --pretty="%H" --author="authorname" | while read commit_hash; do git show --oneline --name-only $commit_hash | tail -n+2; done | sort | uniq
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