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How to trigger Chokidar event programmaticaly

I have a class, which is using Chokidar and now need to test it with jasmine. This is method, where chokidar comes on board:

public watch(path: string) {
var watchOptions: chokidar.WatchOptions = <chokidar.WatchOptions> {
persistent: true
this.watcher = chokidar.watch(path, watchOptions);
this.watcher.on("add", (fileName: string, stats: fs.Stats) => {
this.sendNotifyAction(new NotifyAction(PathEvent.Add, fileName));
}).on("change", (fileName: string, stats: fs.Stats) => {
this.sendNotifyAction(new NotifyAction(PathEvent.Change, fileName));

I want to have in my test something like:

it("Should send notification, when internal directory is added", () => {
runs(() => {
flag = false;

//TRIGGER chokidar on.add event??
//spyOn(pathWatch.watcher, "on").and.callFake((params) => {
// flag = true;

waitsFor((): boolean => {
return flag;
}, "failure", 5000);

runs(() => {
var expectedNotifyAction = new NotifyAction(PathEvent.Add, notificationInternalDirPath);

The problem is that I don't know how to emulate Chokidar events. Any help is much appreciated.

Answer Source

The watcher instance inherits from EventEmitter, so you can call .emit() on it (although I'm not sure how/if that would work with TypeScript):

pathWatch.watcher.emit('add', PATH, STATS);
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